If you’re a band, a musician, you could be a comedian, a poet, a writer, a painter, a DJ, a producer, you could be all of these things maybe? Anyway, the list of possibilities is endless but the offers here are all equally beneficial to you!

If you’re in the creative industry and you need some quality pictures of yourself or your company, then you’re in the right place.

I played professionally as a guitarist in a band for just under a decade. I am more than accustomed to the pressures and stresses of operating such a venture on the weakest or most non existent of budgets. For these reasons I offer a heavily discounted rate to unsigned or new acts.

Whichever creative/artistic category you fall into, If you have no representation, no record label or no agent for example, then I can help you to have high quality, professional portraits images for your own promotions.


I offer three varying packages:

Steve Marks


This is the package ideal for the DJ, the singer, the poet, the writer or the producer etc. Basically – a one woman/man show without any supportive representation from any business perspectives such as an agent or label may provide.

For only 75€ you can have a 30 minutes shoot and choose up to 8 digital images for promotional uses with continuous rights licenses.

Also included, all image editing in full colour and black and white.

*Travel Expenses may also be invoiced pending location.



For just 150€ your band can have a 2 hours shoot which will cover a single group portrait and all individual portraits of each band member.

Also included, all image editing in full colour and black and white. Unlimited promotional use permissions with continuous rights licenses.

*Travel Expenses may also be invoiced pending location.



Please email me to discuss your needs and requirements.

Discounts and special offers are available.

Also included, all image editing in full colour and black and white. Unlimited promotional use permissions with continuous rights licenses.

Travel Expenses may also be invoiced pending location.



You can of course choose the location for the shoot. Indoors or outdoors is no problem. This could be your favourite place to write music, your rehearsal space, favourite venue etc Basically anywhere.

I can also make some suggestions if you’re expecting some help on this area too.

I have very few restrictions but here they are:

For the majority of my workflow I use equipment powered by electricity. High voltage electrical equipment when mixed with water happens to cause expensive malfunctions, painful injuries and maybe a little death. So, if you have chosen an outdoor location and it the weather channels forecast rain, then you need to have a backup indoor location in mind or be prepared to reschedule.

If you’re looking at the Solo or Unsigned band packages, then I will be more than likely working alone as working with such small budgets will prevent me from hiring any assistants. Most of the time there is quite a lot of heavy equipment so any help carrying stuff is good manners. It’s also worth considering that the parking facilities are close by to the location that you choose.



I’m very well versed in producing natural images as well as being fairly fluent in creating hyper realistic images with software such as photoshop. If you’re looking for a composite, (an image created from a series of images that we shoot from your session), I can also oblige.

“Can we have flames in the background and red sky??!!!”

Yes you can! But it must be clearly understood that extensive post production extends the work load and the resultant cost to you as a customer. It is far more cost effective and less time consuming for us to consider the mood and theme of your shoot in the planning phases so we can incorporate these touches in the images when we come to shoot. This also makes any editing look much more natural or believable.

The golden rule is to “get it right in camera” wherever possible.

The more we discuss what you want, how you see your finished images, what they should look like etc, the smoother and more successful the project will be.

Please note that with any of these packages – the hire or rental or acquisition of make up artists, props, costumes and pyrotechnics (along with qualified safety supervisors) is your own responsibility.