For Marja & Markku

You’ve all heard the saying ‘A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words‘. Well, right now I’m going to lean on that phrase like a big damn crutch!

This collection of images will hopefully speak the words I fail to find to describe my short time away visiting my ‘adopted’ Finnish family. The location is somewhere on the outskirts of Ivalo, Finnish Lapland, The Arctic Circle.

So this is for Marja & Markku, the kindest and strongest pair of people I have come to be blessed with. Kiitoksia Paljon xxx

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Peppi ja Kultainen Aarre

Kuvagallera on vihdoin valmis! Vilpittömät pahoitteluni kaikille gallerian viivästymisestä. Gallerian ostoskorisysteemi alkoi viime hetkellä kärsiä ikävistä bugeista, mutta monen päivän työn ja päivitysten jälkeen kaiken pitäisi nyt toimia, kuten kuuluukin.

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It’s A Wrap!

It is done! After a few sessions of brooding over large lcd screens and various clips from our video shoots, Kasperi and I have put the button on the CD artwork and the very first music video for Nuance, an instrumental jazz outfit of shear delights :)

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Synchro Weekend!

This weekend I was shooting for Helsingin Taitoluisteluklubi at Helsinki ice hall. It’s been a while since I shot any synchro skating and it certainly was a nice treat to see the familiar faces and be shooting rink side.

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