Dignified Representation

Over the last seven years I have had the pleasure to provide quality corporate portraiture, both formal and informal, to highly prestigious clients in Finland. Clients who need to have the very best in honest and dignified representation.

Amongst the collection of priority one elements when shooting any portrait, is comfort. No matter the standard of your surroundings, furniture, props or lighting, if your client feels and resultantly looks uncomfortable – disaster ensues.

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She Will Always Find You…

Farewell 2012! I am thoroughly aware I’m quite late with this collection of images from 2012. In truth though folks, I am relieved that 2012 is fading fast in the rear view because for my small and modest photography business, it was the worst year experienced to date, both financially and spiritually. It has by no means crippled me, it’ll take much more than fools and finances to bury me I can assure you.

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Moving On…

After plenty of research, deliberation and a little prediction, I recently signed a lease for a Nikon D800. For the past 3.5 years I have relied solely upon a Nikon D3 for pretty much all of my work with the small exception of lending bodies here and there from the lovely chaps at Nikon Finland.

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Finlandia Trophy 2012

This year, we have had some very exciting changes and additions to Finlandia Trophy. The first being, that for the first time ever, we have had synchronized skating teams competing during the event. Secondarily, we are at the Barona Areena in Espoo as opposed to the usual Valtti Areena in Tikkurila. This made a huge change to the quality of photography as the lighting at Barona, whilst far from ideal, is a bazillion leagues better than Valtti.

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The Moon On A Stick…

This represents the first post of it’s kind on this here blog. Feedback is very welcome. I’m currently embarking on a journey to review how today’s photographer approaches and handles the subject of time and effort within difficult circumstances. (Cue jovial and plinky Muzak)…


Acquiring and earning new clients, working together, solving problems and emerging victoriously is all part and parcel of business language and collaboration. Our job is to ascertain the clients requirements and fulfil them, right? I perch firmly on the ‘give it 110%’ side of the fence but over the years I have encountered instances where there is a definite want for 110%, but an absence of consideration for the effort, time and resources to successfully achieve it.
I follow a few blogs from my photographical heroes and influences and although they don’t seem to be heavily denied the resources they need to orchestrate their process and manifest their style in good, solid, inspirational formats, I’d hazard a guess that they encounter it at some stage.


’The Moon On A Stick’ syndrome – Where the output is unrealistic in respect to the input. How do we deal with it?


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Tiina & Jonathan

I’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to provide the visuals for Tiina and Jonathan on their wedding day.
It was the first in it’s kind for me as Jonathan is an English gentleman, the ceremony was conducted in both Finnish and English.

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