Finlandia Trophy 2011


The summer has faded away in the rear view and now it’s time to open the season of figure skating with Finlandia Trophy 2011 at the Valtti Areena, Tikkurila.

It was a little strange to have both Kiira Korpi and Laura Lepistö absent from the event, but we did have Alisa Mikonsaari, Juulia Turkkila, Minna Parviainen, Ari-Pekka Nurmenkari, Valtter Virtanen, Julian Lagus, Olesia and Max, Henna and Ossi all flying the flag for Finland.

It was a pleasure to see Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir skate too, they are simply excellent.

All in all, a fantastic weekend and so nice to see all the friends I don’t see too much of during the summer.

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To Lapland…

Bride To Be..

I’ve been living in Finland since November 2006 and never been to Lapland, this fact was seen as a oddity to my good friend, esteemed colleague and fellow photographer – Jouni Ranta. So, a little while back, Jouni kindly asked me to accompany him on a 10 day trip to his cabin in Kaukonen, way, way up north.

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Flying Bike Horns

Last weekend, Tuuli and I packed up and headed for the cottage to break away from the grind of city life.

Making everything stop, hard to do at times but none the less essential for a healthy mind.

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Here are Mishka Luganski, Justus Hartwigsen and Vadim Lilleorg. All are professional dancers who are meeting in downtown Helsinki, to perform, train and rehearse a new movement.

“One of the main ideas of RockUrok is to show that rock music is also danceable. Many people like dancing in general but, for example, they don’t really like dance music. RockUrok is a bridge between rockers and dancers. It is something that kind of fits to this country, ’cause Finland is more rock then pop.” Mishka Luganski

Tonight I’m shooting with my good friend James O’Sullivan for Six Degrees magazine.

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Roo Guitar

Here we have some promo images for Roo Guitar, a three piece instrumental Rock/Metal/Funk outfit based in Helsinki.

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Childhood Revisited


It’s been a fair few years since I set foot on English soil and even longer since I have been in North Wales, a place where I spent most summer holidays as a child. Mom and Dad bought a static caravan in the mid 80’s and my last visit there must have been in the mid to later 90’s. The initial purpose for this recent visit was primarily to scatter my Nan & Grandad’s ashes in the tranquil meadows of Parc Farm caravan site in Penybontfawr.
It was a wonderful family reunion which surpassed all expectations.

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The Quantum Thief

Hannu Rajaniemi

Hannu Rajaniemi was born in Ylivieska, Finland. He holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics from the University of Oulu, a Certificate of Advanced Study in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge and a Ph.D. in Mathematical Physics from the University of Edinburgh. Prior to starting his Ph.D. candidature, he completed his national service as a research scientist for the Finnish Defence Forces.

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Marjaana & Jarkko

Marjaana & Jarkko

Meet Marjaana and Jarkko, our wonderful couple. Despite the weather throwing some serious fast balls, I think we did very, very well to get these shots.

The outside temperature was around +2°C in our location in Kulosaari, it was raining for the morning into the afternoon but thankfully it all stopped after the ceremony, just in time for our outdoor portraits session.

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What Flash System?

Kivimetsän Druidi Promo BTS

When your thinking about flash photography for the first time, one can become a little intimidated by the seemingly elusive and complex subject.

Whether you shooting as a hobby or to earn a living, all of the points covered in this post will help you to understand the differences between the available systems.

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