A Dashing Return

It is indeed a great feeling when a client calls up and wishes for you to return to take more pictures because they simply wouldn’t consider anyone else for the job.

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Quick Thinking

Introducing the Quickstrap & Quickloader. Both intuitive inventions designed to provide a multitude of storage and transportation solutions far more rapid and efficient than competing alternatives. It’s been a while since I have been commissioned to shoot some products and these particular products have been a huge amount of fun to shoot. 

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Michael Franck

“Having arrived spot-on our agreed time, as we stand in the kitchen of the office that houses documentary filmmaker Michael Franck’s family business, Franck Media, the sharply dressed media producer and director is currently busily attending to the espresso machine.

Owner of the first independent documentary film making company in the country, Franck’s colourful career has included stints in Helsinki, Tehran and Hollywood, and has been involved in politics, journalism and filmmaking in various capacities for the past four decades…” James O’Sullivan – Six Degrees Finland.

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Dignified Representation

Over the last seven years I have had the pleasure to provide quality corporate portraiture, both formal and informal, to highly prestigious clients in Finland. Clients who need to have the very best in honest and dignified representation.

Amongst the collection of priority one elements when shooting any portrait, is comfort. No matter the standard of your surroundings, furniture, props or lighting, if your client feels and resultantly looks uncomfortable – disaster ensues.

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She Will Always Find You…

Farewell 2012! I am thoroughly aware I’m quite late with this collection of images from 2012. In truth though folks, I am relieved that 2012 is fading fast in the rear view because for my small and modest photography business, it was the worst year experienced to date, both financially and spiritually. It has by no means crippled me, it’ll take much more than fools and finances to bury me I can assure you.

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Finlandia Trophy 2012

This year, we have had some very exciting changes and additions to Finlandia Trophy. The first being, that for the first time ever, we have had synchronized skating teams competing during the event. Secondarily, we are at the Barona Areena in Espoo as opposed to the usual Valtti Areena in Tikkurila. This made a huge change to the quality of photography as the lighting at Barona, whilst far from ideal, is a bazillion leagues better than Valtti.

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