Peppi ja Kultainen Aarre

Kuvagallera on vihdoin valmis! Vilpittömät pahoitteluni kaikille gallerian viivästymisestä. Gallerian ostoskorisysteemi alkoi viime hetkellä kärsiä ikävistä bugeista, mutta monen päivän työn ja päivitysten jälkeen kaiken pitäisi nyt toimia, kuten kuuluukin.

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Synchro Weekend!

This weekend I was shooting for Helsingin Taitoluisteluklubi at Helsinki ice hall. It’s been a while since I shot any synchro skating and it certainly was a nice treat to see the familiar faces and be shooting rink side.

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She Will Always Find You…

Farewell 2012! I am thoroughly aware I’m quite late with this collection of images from 2012. In truth though folks, I am relieved that 2012 is fading fast in the rear view because for my small and modest photography business, it was the worst year experienced to date, both financially and spiritually. It has by no means crippled me, it’ll take much more than fools and finances to bury me I can assure you.

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Finlandia Trophy 2012

This year, we have had some very exciting changes and additions to Finlandia Trophy. The first being, that for the first time ever, we have had synchronized skating teams competing during the event. Secondarily, we are at the Barona Areena in Espoo as opposed to the usual Valtti Areena in Tikkurila. This made a huge change to the quality of photography as the lighting at Barona, whilst far from ideal, is a bazillion leagues better than Valtti.

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I met up with my buddy Ari-Pekka, who has recently announced that his figure skating career is now at it’s proud end.

So here we are at Helsinki’s own behemoth – The Hartwall Areena to shoot some casual shots to accompany an article for Taitoluistelu on AP’s new beginnings with coaching young hockey teams.

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“Koska Olen Tyttö”

Plan Gaala

Kiira Korpi

Here we are at the Plan Gaala 2012, Barona Areena Espoo.

Because I’m A Girl” is just one of the many Plan campaigns  to provide funding and resources to support children living in the poorest and most deprived conditions worldwide.

This year we had a fantastic selection of Finland’s top figure skaters performing to live accompaniment from some of the most recognised musicians in the country.

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Synchro Nationals 2012

Marigold IceUnity

What a great weekend we had over at the Barona Areena for the Finnish Synchronised Skating Nationals 2012. Despite having major issues with software/laptop and the death of the focus system on my D3, the atmosphere was wonderful. I haven’t seen a crowd that big and loud for a long while! Well done folks!

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