It’s A Wrap!

It is done! After a few sessions of brooding over large lcd screens and various clips from our video shoots, Kasperi and I have put the button on the CD artwork and the very first music video for Nuance, an instrumental jazz outfit of shear delights :)

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Ride The Lighting*

I’ve been hankering after more music shoots and I’m plenty chuffed to report I have yet another band shoot for your perusal.
This time all the natural stuff goes straight out the window. We’re going ham on FX…

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In The Zone

I’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to shoot some more bands. It’s a relief to get back to the world of music after all this time. It really pops the button on the scene when the band are as enthusiastic and as fun to be around as these guys. An upcoming Finnish outfit, keep your eyes peeled for Boogie Zone!

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Here’s a few shots from a promo session for upcoming Finnish band – Nuance. These lads were great to photograph, great humour, enthusiasm and I thank them sincerely for being able to work, undistracted in a busy car park corridor on the underground levels of Musiikkitalo in Helsinki city.

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“Koska Olen Tyttö”

Plan Gaala

Kiira Korpi

Here we are at the Plan Gaala 2012, Barona Areena Espoo.

Because I’m A Girl” is just one of the many Plan campaigns  to provide funding and resources to support children living in the poorest and most deprived conditions worldwide.

This year we had a fantastic selection of Finland’s top figure skaters performing to live accompaniment from some of the most recognised musicians in the country.

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Just a very quick selection from a shoot with my friend Ariana, a singer/songwriter currently living in New York City.

We had some real good fun with this shoot. Laughing all the way.

As it it should be.

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