Kenneth Greve, Artistic Director of the Finnish National Ballet

Kenneth Greve

Today I’m shooting for Helsinki Times and I’m very excited to be shooting Kenneth Greve – The Artistic Director of the Finnish National Ballet.

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Anita & Tero

Todays wedding portraits are ones with a very different theme – ‘Vampirism’ not being the most called for of concepts but certainly one that gets me very excited.

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A Dashing Return

It is indeed a great feeling when a client calls up and wishes for you to return to take more pictures because they simply wouldn’t consider anyone else for the job.

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Ride The Lighting*

I’ve been hankering after more music shoots and I’m plenty chuffed to report I have yet another band shoot for your perusal.
This time all the natural stuff goes straight out the window. We’re going ham on FX…

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In The Zone

I’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to shoot some more bands. It’s a relief to get back to the world of music after all this time. It really pops the button on the scene when the band are as enthusiastic and as fun to be around as these guys. An upcoming Finnish outfit, keep your eyes peeled for Boogie Zone!

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Quick Thinking

Introducing the Quickstrap & Quickloader. Both intuitive inventions designed to provide a multitude of storage and transportation solutions far more rapid and efficient than competing alternatives. It’s been a while since I have been commissioned to shoot some products and these particular products have been a huge amount of fun to shoot. 

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