For Marja & Markku

You’ve all heard the saying ‘A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words‘. Well, right now I’m going to lean on that phrase like a big damn crutch!

This collection of images will hopefully speak the words I fail to find to describe my short time away visiting my ‘adopted’ Finnish family. The location is somewhere on the outskirts of Ivalo, Finnish Lapland, The Arctic Circle.

So this is for Marja & Markku, the kindest and strongest pair of people I have come to be blessed with. Kiitoksia Paljon xxx

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Scotland 13

This collection is a little late to the party. I have some catching up to do so without any further a do, let’s take a look at last August, when Tuuli and I visited our good pal Clutch over in Scotland. It was Tuuli’s first time out there and my eagerly awaited return.

I’m very much hoping we can get out there again this year, pending the finances.

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Here I have a collection of images that have been taken from the rear passenger seat in a moving car. There’s something about these shots that I really like, maybe that even with extremely fast shutter speeds that freeze the action, there is still the feeling of movement or at least that ‘I’m a just a passerby, moving on through’.

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Wales 13

Blimey, what a week! We’ve been up hill, down dale, through hairy ass narrow road and over many a mile by mountain, and of course, we’ve enjoyed every last slice of it all. Tuuli and I are currently on our annual visit to visit my family, this year we are frolicking in Wales and finally up to Scotland, visiting my good buddy Clutch, who you may recognise from a post a few years ago.

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Mökki 05 13

The usual spring trip to the cottage to open up, clean and prepare for the summer holidays is a little different this year. Primarily as I drove there for the first time. Above is ‘Betty’, our 96 Ford Mondeo. An absolute steal for the price Tuuli paid and she provides us with a smooth and safe ride. How long for is another story.

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