European Figure Skating Championships 2010

Maylin HAUSCH / Daniel WENDE GER

Here we are at Saku Suurhalli, in Tallinn, Estonia. It’s very exciting to be here and even more exciting when I find that Nikon NPS are here and in a matter of moments the Nikon fairy bestows me with a brand new D3s and 400mm 2.8 until Saturday.


I had the fantastic opportunity to team up with two very prestigious Finnish sports shooters, my buddies Kari Kuukka and Elina Paasonen and we combine our efforts to produce a gallery of gala images.

Nikon D3s Sample Video:
Shot very badly with a Nikkor 400mm 2.8 VR on a monopod. That’s my excuse anyway :S

Quick thoughts on the D3s – It’s certainly an upgrade to the D3, I shot with the D3s for a total of four days (approx 10,000 frames).
Initially, after a day or so’s use, I thought that the ISO capability increase was marginal, but after handing the lens and the camera back to Nikon and shooting with my D3 all day Saturday and Sunday, I realised that the upgrade is a just little more than marginal.
I certainly won’t be rushing out to pick one up or sell my existing camera to upgrade, but those who are about to invest in a pro body are certainly getting their moneys worth.

A huge thanks goes to Kaisa & Erkki Viitanen, Kari Kuukka, Elina Paasonen, Leena Lehtolainen, Heidi-Maaria Johansson and the rest of the Taikkari team.

I also need to mention that an extreme highlight of the whole experience, was of course, meeting Carol & Larry.

Two extremely wonderful, friendly and welcoming peeps that I hope to be seeing much more of in the events to come.

Cheers All!


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