For Marja & Markku

You’ve all heard the saying ‘A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words‘. Well, right now I’m going to lean on that phrase like a big damn crutch!

This collection of images will hopefully speak the words I fail to find to describe my short time away visiting my ‘adopted’ Finnish family. The location is somewhere on the outskirts of Ivalo, Finnish Lapland, The Arctic Circle.

So this is for Marja & Markku, the kindest and strongest pair of people I have come to be blessed with. Kiitoksia Paljon xxx

If you’d like to view the images in a larger size click here!

FYI: Marja has been busy writing a great blog packed full of great photos, clicky here to visit Vuorotellen. There are a few articles written in English too but again, the images tell a great story.

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