From The Scrapbook…

Here we have a shot taken on a smart phone from a time long ago. Well worth digging up and sharing again I thought.

Talvi = Winter in Finnish. This photo is the view from outside our kitchen window as of November 27th, 2010 during a fairly medium weight blizzard. The intersection is situated in an area that’s known as ‘The Little Manhattan’ of Helsinki City.

This area never rests, it’s as busy in the night as it is during the day and equally as busy in the Winter as it is during the Summer. There is a 24 hour Chemist (as seen on the right), a 24hr McDonald’s and a 24hr supermarket. At that time, the only 24hr places in Helsinki.

I remember that during the winter of 2010, Britain also had a little snow which was widely regarded as ‘Heavy Snowfall’, a term best reserved for several meters of snow and not an amount equal to the length of the average penis.

I chuckled and thought “What’s the use of a stiff upper lip Britain when a knobs worth of snow can bum you to a standstill?”

All in jest of course :)