Rights Licenses

I offer a variety of licenses for the commercial use of my images. Standard pricing is per image and as follows:

One Time Print – Any Size – 75€

This entitles the client to print or publish the image in a single publication, whether online or physical – once only.

Continuous Rights – Any Size – 105€

This entitles the client to use the image repeatedly and indefinitely within publications that have been agreed upon, in most cases this includes all purposes that are directly related to the clients self promotion. This includes the use of images on the Clients website(s), Annual Reports, Brochures, Posters, Leaflets, Flyers, Programmes and Social Media etc. Any third parties that wish to use images must first contact me directly to purchase the relevant licenses for their own purpose. This license does not include the right to sell the image(s). For sales you will need an exclusive rights license, details below.

Exclusive Rights – 145€

This entitles the client to indefinitely print, publish, distribute and sell the image(s), as they wish.

All above prices include ALV/VAT sales tax at 24%.

My hourly and daily rates naturally include a continuous rights license to all images you receive as part of the service unless specified otherwise.

Discounts are available on multiple orders.

Please note that a continuous license is not an exclusive rights license.

Unless you have a customer number and have made payment(s) for services rendered, you do not have any rights privileges/licenses to use any of my images. Any form of unauthorised use is in direct violation of copyright law and will result in legal action.

If you are unsure about any issues regarding licences and rights privileges, or if you would like to make an enquiry, please contact me for clarification.

For all license enquiries, please use the below submission form.

This form is for submitting a specific description of the intended uses for the images you wish to buy licenses for. Please be as detailed as possible.

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