Luck In The Chamber | When Stars Align

I’ve told the story of how this picture was taken countless times and everyone always shares the same skeptical reaction.
My brother can back me up however and confirm how this frame was taken during a family trip in Tallinn Estonia circa 2009.

Myself and my brother Ben had developed a rather silly technique of enabling full auto focus and then flicking the camera in any given direction while carelessly snapping a shot. A method with a success rate of ‘not much at all’ and this was exactly what gave us enjoyment. The poor framing, the blurred faces, decapitated limbs and the complete chaos.

Fluke, Estonia

And that was precisely how this image came to be. With a John Cleese style stride, I lunged past this tunnel, flicked a one handed snap toward the passage and moved onward without review.

Somethings in life seem like they are meant to be, that no matter how hard we try they will happen regardless of our efforts to encourage, influence, cause or prevent them from happening.

Do you have any flukes? Myself and many others would be interested in seeing the images and hearing the story behind them.

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