Finlandia Trophy 2011


The summer has faded away in the rear view and now it’s time to open the season of figure skating with Finlandia Trophy 2011 at the Valtti Areena, Tikkurila.

It was a little strange to have both Kiira Korpi and Laura Lepistö absent from the event, but we did have Alisa Mikonsaari, Juulia Turkkila, Minna Parviainen, Ari-Pekka Nurmenkari, Valtter Virtanen, Julian Lagus, Olesia and Max, Henna and Ossi all flying the flag for Finland.

It was a pleasure to see Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir skate too, they are simply excellent.

All in all, a fantastic weekend and so nice to see all the friends I don’t see too much of during the summer.

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World Synchro Championships 2011


Okay, okay, I admit that there is just a teensie weensie hangover this morning, it could possibly have something to do with Finland taking both the gold and the silver but it could also have something to do with the very nice party we had round at my place after the event. The gallon of Blue Whale cocktail is now just a small jar sitting in the fridge :S

What can I say? The weekend was simply wonderful and a fair amount of thankyou’s will now follow.
Huge thanks to Nikon Finland for endorsing the event, our OC photo crew was each equipped with the state of the art flagship camera bodies with accompanying fast glass.
An enormous round of applause to STLL and the Taitoluistelu team and a ma-hoosive thanks to Elina Paasonen for organising the photo operations in the most maticulate and professional manner I have experienced to date. Another huge thanks is due to my good buddies Jyrki Kostermaa and Sari Niskanen. We really had a great team.

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Synchro Nationals FI


Rockettes take the trophy.

Here’s a tongue twister for you: Muodostelmaluistelun SM-kilpailut, in English it means Synchronised Figure Skating Nationals.

This season the Nationals was held at Barona Areena, Espoo.

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European Figure Skating Championships 2011

Sinead KERR / John KERR

I’m writing to you aboard Blue1 flight from Zurich to Helsinki, reminiscing on the past six days shooting at the European Figure Skating Champs in Bern Switzerland (which are now just a bit of a blur).

Initially I need to clarify that when it comes to large scale figure skating events, I am still a rookie. I began my first figure skating shoots in late 2007, this is only my third European Championships, so I’m still viewing the ropes and finding my grip.

For those who don’t know me too well, I’m primarily a portraits photographer (lights, camera, action) who shoots figure skating during the years season. I love shooting skating and I feel very passionately about the work and it’s presentation despite the subject being light years away from my primary field.

Still, I’m learning all the time and this Europeans was no different. In fact, I learned an awful lot this year.

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Synchro Qualifier II


Here we are at the Hakametsän Ice Hall in Tampere. It’s the second synchronised figure skating qualifier of the season.

The next event will be the World Championships in April.

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Elijah Craig 18

Goodbye 2010. As far as business goes you were a very kind year. I’ve been lucky enough to have earned a few new prestigious clients, taken pictures of one of my comedy heroes and participated in some awesome events.

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National Heroes

Cecilia TÖRN

It’s the time of year for the Finnish Figure Skating Nationals. This year held in Kupittaa, Turku.
From start to finish, the whole experience was admirable. The journey to Turku was peaceful and very fast aboard an intercity VR wagon, the hotel at Tapulitalo was great and the event was a pleasure to shoot.
Everything just slipped straight into place.

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A Weekend @ The Barona Areena


Here we are at the Barona Areena, Espoo shooting…(tongue twister warning)… ‘Muodostelmaluistelun SM-Noviisien, SM- Junioreiden Ja SM-Senioreiden 1. Valintakilpailut’.

In English – The 1st qualifier competition for the novice, junior and senior synchronised skating teams.

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Finlandia Trophy 2010

Henna Lindholm - Ossi Kanervo FIN

There’s always one thing to look forward to when the last throws of summer have already become a memory – Figure Skating season. The first event for me is Finlandia Trophy held at the Valtti Areena, Tikkurila, Vantaa.

As an arena it’s not at all bad, access to the best shooting positions from the press room is manageable and the wifi isn’t that slow, the one thing that does grate is the piss poor lighting.
You’d think that some kind of effort be made to light all the competitors that travel from all over the globe but one large ‘NO’ would be your answer. Not only is the lighting dim at the Valtti Areena, everyone looks like a Simpson under their roof.

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Sometime in the middle of the Summer, my friend Ari-Pekka mailed me and asked to come shoot some pictures of his son Axel and his lovely wife Annina. I’ve known Ari-Pekka for a couple of years now, he is a professional figure skater and we’ve done a fair few shoots together in relation to the Finnish figure skating magazine Taitoluistelu.

The most recent collaboration was a cover shoot, which to this day is still my favourite skating promo shoot to date.

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